Partnership Application

The Camp Verde Business Alliance is an organization of business people and concerned individuals who have joined together to help the Town of Camp Verde, Camp Verde Businesses and Verde Valley communities build sustainable economic prosperity by teaching, advising, and learning from each other. We will do this by advancing initiatives that create a sustainable economic base for the Town of Camp Verde and promote success for Camp Verde and Verde Valley Businesses, including but not limited to those identified by Focus Future II adopted by the Town of Camp Verde.

Membership in the CVBA is open to all interested Verde Valley businesses, business representatives, citizens and students. After submittal of a completed application and payment of the yearly dues, the applicant will become a Partner. Membership dues are $50 per year for Partners (Business Owner’s or Representatives) and free to Associate Partners (Students and Citizens). CVBA reserves the right to rescind membership if acceptance is found to have been based on false information, or the Partner engages in actions or practices which are in conflict with CVBA’s Operational Guidelines. Please see the CVBA Operational Guidelines for details on the rights and responsibilities of Partnership. The Guidelines will be available on-line soon, or contact Julie Scott at [email protected], (928) 963-1085 for a copy.